The Beginning

I am sure there was a time in history when journeys of a thousand steps started with a single step. My journey to Turkish fluency did not start that way at all. I mean technically it started with comparing rental car rates to get  to the airport.
See there nothing less poetic sounding than that. But that is 2015 equivalent to that first step. These kinds of journeys start in rental cars continue through security after your shoes are off. Often times mine then have me sprinting down the airport terminal trying not to get rebooked. They include things like trying to sleep on international slights.
Journeys are different then they used be.
This is beginning my experiment to see if I can learn a language. I know nothing about through immersion. I know people do this all the time. The question is if I can do it. This is about discovery of new way to speak and the new way to think that comes with it. Can I internalize a new culture?
I am certain that if I can do succeed on this journey so can you.
I am going to write about these experiences over the next year at least. And I will admit that part of this is selfish I want to have somewhere to store everything I learn and see over the next year.
The next reason is the accountability. Are you learning? What are you learning?
And finally since one of the reasons I am trying to learn a new language is new capacity for relationships. Hopefully I can connect with travelers and language learners all over the world. So please whether you are an Ex-patriot trying to learn Hungarian or Turk learning English. Let’s connect. Tell me what works of you. Tell me your stories
Oh yeah I almost forgot- The back drop of this particular experiment is Turkey.
I have been doing some of this immersion for the last month now and think I have gotten enough idea for what to write about in the beginning. So are you ready? Here goes nothing.
And this maybe this journey starts with a single word. Merhaba.  This is a greeting like hello. Yes hello, its nice to meet you. My name is Matt and I hope that you will come with me. Lets learn to talk Türkiye.


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