What Is Step Two of Immersion?


  1. Immerse yourself in the language. Check
  2. ?

So you have made it to step two. You are immersed. You have set out to learn a target language. What do you now?

2. Do One Thing A Day.

This might seem obvious but it is incredibly important especially if you are learning the language and you are not a full time language student (like most of us). You have to make sure you are doing one thing a day in your target language. Go get something done.

These would be things outside of whatever formal system you are using to learn the language whether that be Rossetta Stone or a skype tutor. This hopefully will also not be a passive activity like watching a movie in the language.

Ideally every day it will be some experience. Today I will go out with friends to lunch who are Turkish. Yesterday I went out and bought a mattress at a big box store in Turkish.

Saturdays I go to my favorite fresh produce bazaar and try and talk to some of the vendors a little while I buy what I need for the week.

Go Find a friend you know who speak the language tell them you are trying to learn it and want to talk to them with it.

I am going to start going on a search at small antique stores for old Old Ottoman gold and silver coins just to see if I can find them.

As you can see there are a myriad of opportunities of to have new experiences. And while I think this kind of a live in real time experience is preferable I think translating a personal story into the target language or working on some writing in the language until you understand it.

Over all the lesson is simple. Go do one thing a day however long it takes. 30 minutes or three hours get it done.  Let me know in the comments what good ‘one things’ to in the language I am trying to learn is.

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