The Spirit of Adventure in The Mundane 

A few weeks ago I began this blog with this post.  In this post I revealed that I am currently on a journey. an adventure to learn Turkish culture and language over at least the next year. When you set out on most modern day adventures they seem so shiny and new. Your mind is running with the possibilities. I had grand visions of immersion and this blog.

And as I sat down today I found myself thinking am I getting what I want out this blog? Would others get something out of this blog? (does anyone read it?) Am I making progress in the language and is that valuable?

This blog is enphatically not two things. It is not an announcement that I am giving up either on writing or language learning. It is is also not a desperate cry for readers. (at least not a desperate one).

This is about the spirit of adventure. This is about how adventures happen in real life. This is to help you take your vision of your own adventure, language, or project up against the day in day out of mundane work.

This is where the glory is. This is where real adventure happens. Keep going and the better the endeavor the more push back you are going to feel. So sit down with that word list one more time. You can do that. Take another step.

Because there is no magic button that you are some day going to press and everything is going to be easy and rewarding. This is because anything worth doing is difficult. Watching netflix is easy, learning Czech is hard. The reward comes later maybe much later- Adventures are all about deferring pleasure. Eating McDonalds is immediate gratification training for 6 months and running your first 10k in Istanbul is deferring pleasure.

So where you do find the spirit of the adventure? If you are going to finish the adventure you have to find it in the everyday.

One comment

  1. Kind of like an airline pilot – hours of monotony punctuated by moments of sheer terror. And I’m very grateful for their diligence through the monotony!


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