Learning Dates Without Memorization

This might be one of the most painless ways to learn a language concept in any language or even multiple languages at a time. It takes one small commitment.

Everyday in your language notebook (more on my notebook later) at the top of the page write the day of the week, date, month and year. If you keep up with this you will master these concepts.

Today I wrote: Perşembe 12 Kasim 2015

Then I say it out loud. If you keep doing this everyday you will master the days of the week, months, and how they say years. This will help you with numbers as well. And you will never forget it.

One more thing you can you do is to start saying the current time as the date becomes too easy for you.

This is one easy way to learn vocabulary without memorizing lists. It is one habit I am very happy I have started.

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