Excitement – How to make the most out of Oppurtunities

Here in Turkey there is a magical app. It is called Yemek Sepeti (in English: Food Basket). It is avaible in most of the major metro areas of Turkey. This app finds all the restaraunts near enough to be willing to deliver to you. You can browse by price, quality or kind of food. And you can even order basically al a cart from multiple restaraunts.

And everyone delivers. Did I mention how much this will lower your motivation to cook. Someday we will take this to America and make a million dollars.

Anyways that is not the story. The story comes from one night where I ordered KFC- yeah I admit it I was missing American style fried chicken. And as often happens to people who come to deliver to our building that got a little lost. Many times I have been called when restartant drivers is in my building a few floors up, confused. This is conversation in Turkish I have a script for and stepped outside and told him that I live on the first floor.

He came to the door and I continued on with him in Turkish until he unpacked my food and said.

“You can speak English can’t you?”

I told him that yes I could. And that is when something happened to me that I was not expecting.

He exclaimed, “Really? Wow, I am so happy to be standing here right now. And I am talking to you.”

This new friend of mine and I exchanged phone numbers and he made me promise that if I needed help in town I would call him straight away. We also made plans to meet for çay (tea) next week.

I tell this story because this story encapsulates for me the attitude we as learners must have. We must be excited. When we have a chance to use our language (or when one is thrust upon us) we should be excited. This is an opportunity not an inconvenience. This a challenge not a drag.

The other thing my new friend taught me is this, as learners we need to be willing to serve others. We need to want to help them as much as they can help us with our language. Because not only now can I help him with his language – I want to be his friend. And that will be the best thing that has happened to his English. And my Turkish.

So next time you stuck at a bank or asking a question at market let them know how excited you are that they are speaking with you in your target language. And let me know what their reaction is.

On an unrelated note, the chicken was delicious. Better then Americas even.

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