So what are you writing about

I wanted to take a post just to lay out what I am all about here. I am sure as time goes on I will slowly morph this blog into what I am most interested in and what is working best for me.

At the end of this blog I am going to post a two question survey that I would love for you to take. I am interested in what you are hoping get from this blog as well. But as it stands today I think there will generally be three kinds of posts that I will be posting on a fairly regular. I am going to call them Tool Box, Lessons Learned, And my Highlight Reel.

  1. Tool box – Tool Box posts are the posts that are going to be designed to help you increase the tools you (and I) have to use to learn languages. These posts could range from study techniques that I find helpful to resources that I like.
  2. Lessons Learned – There are somethings that you can only learn through experience. Yours or another persons. I am going to share what I am learning along the way. These posts will range from personal progress updates and lessons I learn that could help other language learners.
  3. The Highlight Reel – These posts will tell the stories. Oh the stories that come with learning a new language and culture. These stories will cover personal triumphs, defeats and stories that just make me laugh.

No promises on the frequency of how often each of these blog types will occur. At least not yet, because of if I am hitting a rhythm with one I will probably stick with it for awhile. I am excited where this blog could go in the future though. I have considered that in the future I could insert some interviews with other language learners to get other perspectives, language coaching or even learner accountability forums or calls.

There is a lot that I could do but I want your feedback. Please take the very brief 2 question survey attached to this.  And in the comments share your favorite language and culture blog and why you like them.

I wish I had something to give you for taking the poll- actually get a çay on me after you take them. ;p

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