A Great Next Test

Welcome to your next language test. This post assumes you have passed the Tourist Test and are ready to see if you have Survival Level of Language.

The Survival Level means you can survive. It means you can handle your day to day routine in the language. This means that you can handle your day to day routine in the language, but probably still do not have the ability to ‘go deep’ with a person.

Here are the kinds of things that I would expect that would be included in the survival level:

  • You will be able to manage simple greetings and polite stock phrases like thank you.
  • You can make simple requests
  • You are able to use nouns and adjectives. You know the nouns that have to do with your day to day life and basic adjectives (like colors ect)
  • You can recognize basic personal questions and describe yourself (my name, where I’m from, what you do, ect)
  • You know how to talk about basic shopping.
  • Grammar: plurals, ‘to be’ verb, question words, to have/not have, pronouns, possessive, numbers

Commit to speaking your target language only for the next 20-40 minutes (the longer the harder). During this test what you are going to do is- Give a tour of your home to a friend(s). The nosier the better. Because during this tour of your friend needs to ask you what different things in your flat are. They also need to ask you about the kinds of things you do in that room. Or describe your daily routine. Like when you get up in the morning. Things you do every day. Ect.

They should ask you to describe things. What kind of food you have in your fridge, what do you like to make, and what do use to make it. What do you in your living room, what kind of TV you like, and what you do in your free time.

And as you finish the tour. Greet them and send them off. Remember make sure you record it so you can listen to yourself. Try and get feedback from them. If you can do this all you have survival language.


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