Why You Need to Learn the language in the Language

If you are reading this post you have probably noticed something about learning languages. It is not like other subjects that you learn in school. In fact it is not really a subject you can learn.

A subject like history is something you can know. You learn a set amount of facts and data accurately and you now know to some degree that subject. Language is not like that.

Unfortunately most of treat it like it is like that. Language is really learning to communicated. Unfortunately most of us sat in language classes in high school and college where we learned a lot of facts about language and communication. Raise your hand if you did this and you can’t speak that language. My hand is up.

Let me say it again: You need to learn to communicate not gather facts about communication.

This is why ideally as soon as possible you will start learning the language in the language as soon as possible. This is more difficult but much better. The more communicating you are doing the less you will need to communicate about.

I have noticed when I use the language to learn the language. I see exponential growth. You are cementing what you know in your mind and at the same time learning more. Even better you a widening the web of language connections in your mind.

The secret is pretty simple as much as possible during a learning session stay in the language you are trying to learn. Ask what things are in the language. Describe things you do not know the word for and let them tell you.

I will give you some of the Turkish phrases I use to try and learn more Turkish in Turkish. If your target language isn’t Turkish then find a friend, phrase book, or translator and find these equivalent phrases.

  • Bu ne? – What’s this?
  • Türkçe’de nasıl denir? – How is it said in Turkish?
  • Tekrar Lütfen – Repeat please
  • Mesela ne gibi? – What is an example of this?
  • Bunun Türkçe adı ne? – What is its Turkish name?
  • Doğru söyleyiyor muyum? -Am I saying this right?

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