The First Time You Understand Them

So recently I had this experience. I had for the first time an understand of what people were saying around me about me. This has probably happened dozens of time since the start of this blog because people often correctly assume I cannot understand what they are saying until today. It is hard to take the grin off your face.

So what do you do the first time you understand people?

I’ll give you three ideas but this is the kind of classic thing I would love to hear from you about. I want to reblog these kinds of stories

  1. Talk to them- (This is what I did). I asked one of the speakers about himself and if he knew English in Turkish. This was pretty fun. Of course they were pretty shocked and I took the time to engage with them and turn it into a pretty nice conversation even if they were a little embarrassed.
  2. Eves dropping isn’t nice – Don’t take it from me take it from Spider man’s uncle in his origin story. “With great power comes great responsibility”.  It is fun that now when you hear talking you might be able to figure out what people are saying doesn’t mean you should start trying to listen to people’s conversation.
  3. Forget the clever retort– It might be tempting to respond about what they are saying to communicate that you are not as dumb as you look because you are still a language beginner and will likely prove that while you might know what they are saying- you can’t really speak. Remember that old saying about pride coming before a fall.
  4. Celebrate- Who cares what strangers are saying be it nice or mean? The real point is that you are comprehending it.

Enjoy your knew communication super power.

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