Reasons My Brain Aches

I am going to leave my normal blog topic because of how interesting this is to me. The question, “Why does my brain ache when I am learning language?” actually has a very interesting answer.

Now I am not a doctor and know very little about brain science but there is something physical happening in your brain. You brain is making new neurons and is creating new neural pathways. And yes it is possible your brain is aching because you are feeling these things happenings. Now that is trippy.

This is the science of Neurol Plasticity. This is the recent scientific discovery that our brains are changing our whole lives. And what we focus on changes our neurons and the ones we don’t use we lose.

And language learning is one of the activities most closer related with this kind of change. This means you are not really learning new facts but you are growing a set of new connections in your brain. You are growing a new grammar, a new set of connections.


What you can do?

Get more sleep. It does help to get more sleep. This is the one thing I find myself not being able to get enough of when I am doing times of intensive language. Your brain is storing the new information. It is firing on the new neurons and making these connections stronger.

Keep it going. You are making habit. You are creating connections between memories and experiences. This is something that happens slow but steady. I am describing the opposite of cramming.

Another thing that helps me and has some scientific backing is that physical exercise helps. So go for a run. Get some sleep. And keep changing your brains.

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