After My Cross Cultural Christmas

Before we get back to our normally scheduled blogging on language learning I want to take just a moment to wish everyone reading a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I certainly hope you enjoyed all your celebration. I have just finished all of my celebrations of these holidays in a cross cultural context and in fact today it has been snowing all day.

What was your Christmas like? Mine was a restful break from the blog and intense learning. However here is Turkey- there is no buzz. Good friends wished me a merry Christmas, though. Surprisingly there were decorations but because of the new year.

Christmas here was interesting. I grew up celebrating Christmas in the northern half the United States. And it was moving here that I realized how much of what I thought about Christmas had to do with American culture, cold snowy weather, and buying things. December 25th for most people here is just another day. They go to work and go home.

I am thankful for my Turkish friends who took the time to wish me a merry Christmas knowing that it is some kind of big deal in the west.

Now the one really interesting thing that I did not except were Christmas decorations. Now they did not go as crazy as we do Christmas time. But they put up trees in businesses and homes. They put up some lights. There is red and green and garland. Some buildings had wreathes hanging. There were even a few straw Santa Clauses though he looked pretty lost.

Now you are probably asking your self why? They are decorating for new years here. It is sort of funny. So when they see American movies they see all the decorations- they think we are also decorating for New Years. Oh globably culture blending.

So we will get back to language and culture learning.

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