Your Ebbs and Flows

My language learning has lots of ebbs and flows. Some days I feel invincible. I feel like I couldn’t be making more progress. I interact with a person in a way that, dare I say, almost feels fluent.

Lest I get to full of myself the next week is usually the kind of week where I regret starting a language blog because I realize I will probably never be able to speak capably (ahem like the week before Christmas- that was a bad week)

I have come to accept these two ends of the spectrum that I keep swinging back forth from as part of the process. Having good days and bad days are normal. Days will happen where you have mastered most of the language you will end up using that day. Other days you will be confronted with situation after situation that feels way above your ability. So try and be alright with both.

Now the when the good days come take encouragement from them. There is good news here: You are making progress. The things you have been able to do this day probably would have been rough even a couple of months ago. However don’t allow these small victories confuse you and let you think that you are further than you really are.

Accept the bad days too. Accept these language road blocks. A lot of times we will try and avoid them. Or try and not get ourselves back in a situation where we have to confront that again.  These road blocks are not something we need to find a way around. These road blocks, as impassable as they may seem, are actually the path to fluency.

Finally on a side note. These ebbs and flows of success will come with ebbs and flows of energy. This is also something to accept. There are some days where you can’t get enough and some days one conversation is enough. So just like success work when you have the energy and put in the minimum when you don’t. For me it basically evens out.

And someday I hope my language ability will more or less even out too.

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