Starting off well

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The longer you study a language the more you meet other people who are learning the language and I find some of those people inspiring. Recently I met a real beginner who did not think he would be very good at this kind of thing but his studies required him to study language and his Turkish has improved rapidly over the last couple of months and I just wanted to quick write down a few things he is doing that seems to work.

  1. Accept Your a Beginner- A lot of people do not want to accept that when you start doing something new to you- you are going to be bad at it. This is especially true when it comes to speaking a language you are totally unfamiliar with. Accept you will make mistakes along the way and avoid unhelpful comparison.
  2. Celebrate the little you know – Take time a celebrate you do know. When you can string together some words and enjoy that this is more than you could do before.
  3. Bite Size steps – A lot of times when we start out trying to do something new we set these goals that are basically unattainable. They are so far off we will not see that happen for a long time. Or we create a schedule we will never be able to keep. He has built into his work out (on his breaks) vocabulary review. And a few other doable things, but he is finding they add up.

In other news I am hoping and looking forward to getting more involved with other language speakers. Please comment and connect with me. How did you start off well? Or what do you wish you would have done?

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