Delete Distractions 

I have been on the road with the holidays and will be having family visit soon. My busier than normal schedule has gotten in the way of my language learning. Now don’t get me wrong I love the opportunities I have living overseas as an expatriate. I love the opportunities I have with work. And I certainly love having visitors of people who are dear to me.But all of these things are distractions from this task. Even writing this blog can be a distraction from spending time learning the language.

Now this is a language learning blog not a self help blog, you will have to find out on your own how to create balance in your life for all of these things. And you can join me in saying that it is not really very easy.

But these are not even the worst kinds of distractions you really need to worry about at least with language. This things will come and go. Just because you want to spend time immersing yourself in the language does not mean you will not have personal emergencies, work, family and vacations. These are things we need to work around.

The problem becomes when our language learning time, that precious time, is wasted.

But the worst thing that happens might be the most common thing. We trade the best things for good things. We are especially tempted to do this if we can trade the hard language things for easy language things.

Think about this way- If you only had 1 hour today to work on your language/immerse yourself what would you do?

Your answer probably depends on what level of language you are at. But whatever it is that is the most important thing for you. How often when you have 8 hours do you fail to do that one thing you said you need to do?

My last post I wrote about how I need to grow my vocabulary and I think I knew that for a while before I put words to it.

This means this if I have an hour to work on language should be the thing I work on, but how often I find when I have 8 hours of language I do not get vocab study done.

This is what we need to change. We need to decide to never trade the best things we could be studying for good things we could be studying. We have to eliminate even these ‘good’ distractions. Ok now back to flash cards.

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