Getting Past The Livable Stage

Maybe you are like me and you have hit a certain level in language. There are many stages of language that is hard to go beyond. 

This true for me and the Turks I know who are trying to learn English. Most of them recognize many English words and phrases from movies and the internet- but For many Turks its hard to get their English to a point where they can use it.
Many students of languages in classrooms struggle to take their language from the classroom to the real world. For me the struggle I am at is taking my Turkish to the next level. Right now I have some Turkish and week to week I am adding in a few new words that I am picking up here and there. I can get around. I can even meet people and learn a little about them. And if the speaker knows a little English we can get a long just fine.

But that is all. I struggle if I come up against language I don’t know I do have the language skills yet to understand what they are saying or learn the words they are saying. I cannot sustain a long conversation in Turkish. It would be difficult to perform official functions in Turkish or have a dinner guest over.

So what do I do now?

I have one idea and one word of encouragement if you are stuck at a level like me.

The only way to grow the language you have is force yourself into new realms where you will encounter new grammars, vocabulary or new grammar concepts. Maybe this is making friends. Maybe this getting involved in message boards in your language. Maybe it is mastering giving directions to and from places. Find an area of your life where you are weak and work on it. A solid place for anyone similar to the level that I am at is to find the 2000 most common words and to drill them. You will know a lot of them but the ones you learn will probably make a lot of relatively common things suddenly make sense.

I personally am working on talking about travel (which I do a decent amount of) and medical turkish (so I could handle myself decently in an emergency).

This what I am going to be doing in this new year. But why try? If you are stuck aren’t you stuck? No because you have gotten this far. There is no reason to assume that you will not eventually make progress. And then when you come up to another level you do not think you can surpass you will with enough time.

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