Keep Testing Yourself 3: My results

I want to report to you how I did on my test. After taking my test I received a 2.0 language proficiency on the ILR scale. (I will have to write a post on this language measure). This means I have a limited working proficiency. And I am considering a 3.0 Full professional proficiency a ‘fluent level’- because basically that would mean if you followed me around day to day you would think I could speak and interact ‘fluently’.

So I did get a good score. And I almost feel bad about it. Because there is one thing I am not is a professional or an extra skilled language learner (plenty of other blogs have those). So what you should assume is that if I can get this far in a language- anyone can get far in a language. So congratulations- you can do it. we can do it.

My brain felt fried at the end of the test which took my about an hour and half to do. I was utterly tired. My listening comprehension felt weak. I felt like I would get lost and only understand parts. My writing and logic understanding seemed higher. These were the thoughts I wrote down at the end.

First as it turns out I scored highest in my pronunciation and comprehensibility. My lowest areas were my grammar and comprehension. So ironically I was right about what I did the worst at (listening and understanding) but wrong about what I did the best at (grammar- which was actually lower).

And here is some real feedback on how I need to improve. I hope its interesting ad helpful to you….

Pronunciation: One suggestion is to drill words with ‘o’ and ‘ö’ with your language helper. Keep listening and recording Turks speaking, paying attention to and imitating the way they stress different syllables in words and sentences.

Grammar: I didn’t hear you use any advanced grammar… Try to stick to the same tense when you speak, and use questions as cues as to which tense to use in your answer. Keep listening to how Turks use grammar for different functions and imitate! Keeping a topical notebook to use with your helper can help a lot with this.


Fluency: Your fluency is good. Obviously the best way to improve fluency is increasing your vocab so you don’t get stuck. Keep working on increasing your range of verbs, as well as useful nouns

Comprehension: Most of your miscomprehension seems to just come from confusion between subtly different grammar forms. So keep listening to Turks speak and take note of the endings they use for different meanings

Comprehensibility: You are usually comprehensible when you speak, however some minor errors sometimes confuse your messageThe best way to increase your comprehensibility is to keep paying attention to the way Turks say things, and noting what they mean by that, then try to copy them exactly. Work on describing scenes and people and using the words Turks would use in the order they use them, as well as more possessives.

So this is where I am now. I want to say one other thing about attaining higher language ability. It is lower than you think. If I have the level my test indicates it does not feel that way. And I imagine it will always feel like this.

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