Keep Testing Yourself: The Test

The Test

After taking my own test I have created some areas that you can test yourself in. And remember you need to test yourself. And if you are feeling a little hesitant, I understand I have not always even taken my own advice anyways with no further ado I will give you some ways you can give yourself an Intermediate Test.

First this test needs to last for at least an hour and no more than 3. You need to push your ability to focus.

Speaking Section: Record everything for feedback and listening.

Reenact a tour of your apartment. Invite your partner/tester in. Tell them about your rooms and what kinds of things you do in them.

Next look at picture that you have not seen before study it for one minute and then describe everything you can in two minutes.

Oral translation- Translate phrases from your target language to English (EG 10x Turkish to English) and English to your target language (EG 10xTurkish to English).  You can have them pick random prhases they know or they can pick from a large list of basic phrases (EG This is my doctor, Did they come yesterday?, Are you in London?, From home, My apartment, Mexican food, What time is it?, Can we leave? Ect.)

Have them ask you basic questions in the target language and answer it. Have them Pick 10. For example: What color is this chair? What time is it? Where do you buy train tickets? Who is at the door? Where are we? Where did you go yesterday? Ect.

Take a piece short simple news article and read it out loud. This tests your pronunciation.

Listening: Have them read you 3 sentences, of average difficulty. And write down what you here. You are going for word for word accuracy. Have them read it once- just listening. Then have them read it phrase for phrase while you write. And then read one more time while you can check for errors.

Have them read you a basic paragraph about someone’s daily routine. Or a basic story about a person’s vacation. Have them ask you 5 true or false questions about it and 5 questions looking for basic information.

Reading/Writing: You need write a lot. Write 5 setences using every verb tense you can (present, future past).

Have them give you simple sentences to translate (what would you like to drink?, We will be late, I’ll take you to the mall…) 5x

Have them test you on a language peculiarity. Like Turkish has dative, akusative tense for words. Trying to use the correct one is a great part of a grammar test. 5-10x

Have them give you a written paragraph of about 12 short or simple sentences. And answer 5 questions from it.

Finally answer two short answer sections. Maybe write a paragraph about something you did this month, or your favorite vacation, or directions to where you work, or how to make tea or simple breakfast.

Good luck! If this sounds a little daunting- it is supposed to it is supposed to push your limit! It did for me.

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