I plea the first…

Remember back in the good old days when I wrote a blog about self directed language learning. And how because I was given the awesome chance to learn by immersion I could distill those principles into blog posts so we could all learn language better and faster together.

Me too. Those were the days my friends. I gave everything away for free and sometimes people read what I wrote. For all of us this was a pretty sweet deal. Some of you showing up to the party late are probably wondering what happened? Did this guy give up on blogging or learning language in 9 short months or die? Actually you probably didn’t wonder you just quit reading.

The truth is what happened is my wife became pregnant with our first baby. Yes I am using a cute soon to be born baby as an excuse so no one can get mad at me.

Now I want to point out something. I always want to take stock of what I am doing and help apply it to your language learning. Here is the question: What will have to go for you to get better at language? Or What will have to change for you to really meet your potential?

Up until my wife was pregnant my priorities looked something like this:

  1. Wife
  2. Job
  3. Language learning
  4. Family/friends
  5. Free time
  6. Running very small language blog.

But something changed. Now my priorities look like:

  1. Wife (now physically limited)
  2. Tiny Baby (needs place to sleep, and money for its things)
  3. Job (more important)
  4. Family/friends (who all are excited about #2)
  5. Language learning
  6. Free time
  7. What was my blog log in again?

So you see my life changed and my priorities shifted. This is why most of us fail to succeed at things we set out to do. Because it is not absolutely essential if we succeed in them or not. The things that are absolutely essential you do. My wife goes to the doctor. I keep working. I call my mom back. I keep learning more language. But this blog and other things go away because they are not essential to me- this happens to all of us. Even when we have a good rhythm going with our language something changes in our lives and its like we never said we were going to learn Bulgarian.

This blog will have to change. Why? Because I met my goal. I did it. I learned a language*(next post will explain that this doesn’t seem true). But there is more to say, so it should continue. So I ask you again, as I ask myself: What will have to go for you to get better at language? Or What will have to change for you to really meet your potential?

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